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Forum : E-Bel News : Electrobel site update

dtr [nl]
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site update!


some of you might have noticed already, some not.

After a month of testing on the beta server, electrobel- 2.1 (codenamed 'Harpic') is online.

New Features :
* Ajax-Style page updating.

For those that know of web2 technologies; Ajax is an Asynchronous xml based javascript protocol.
Which basically allows the webpage to be modified after it has been loaded.
Most well-known sites using this is google-maps

But i am not using ajax.
1/ Browser incompatibilites (having to use an xml activeX in explorer, and something else in firefox, etc....)
2/ I had already developped something similar ages ago
3/ i like to control things

So instead of using a polling javascript using an xml channel ... i'm using a vframe, basic write-to-div javascript command, and a meta refresh.
Advantages : 100% compatible
Disadvantages: The browser shows when it's reloading, and IE makes that awfull TICK sound (unless you disabled that sound).

In a couple of days you'll have an option to activate or not that feature. (you don't always need to see what is happening on the site)

* Flash Player 3.1beta

Main new feature, .... enqueuing straight from the muzik page.

go to muzik page, click on LISTEN
so far nothing special, the flash player opens, loads, plays ... finishes loading the song ...
now keep that flash player open, and click on another LISTEN (to another song)....
nothing happens ?? you sure ?
the flashplayer popups back up, and adds that new song to it's playlist.
now it'll enqueue and go to the next one when this one is finished.

this doesn't sound like much of a technological challenge ...

but i don't know of ANY website that managed to pull a stunt like this ...
the difficulty being that to re-use an existing window opened in javascript, you must know it's handle, and when you go from one page to another, that handle is lost ...
but i found a way to go around that problem ... making it possible to go back and forth and enqueue songs from different pages.


so ..

to summarize.

1/ no more need to refresh the frontpage to see if a reply has been posted on forum/wall/comments .. or to see who is online ... they will update automatically after X seconds (so far been set to 20sec).

2/ you can now enqueue songs in the flash player, so if you wish to listen to multiple songs, just click on them one at a time to add them to the flash-playlist