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Forum : Requests : RS7000 in 2008

decay [nl]
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Someone on the yamaha rs7000 yahoo message board started a plea to yamaha about the OS update for the rs7000.
If you have one and like it maybe you can follow his footsteps and plea to yamaha support yourself.
With a little hope and a miracle they notice us ;)
Here is my plea if anyone want to cut and paste.

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From: launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/RS7000/post?postID=86Z4YCv_DH8AWo8FDGBP8hqoFkOWc4HCeIEkjwmKLG0dbau7wkpsaCaqMvLhad_f4HZtAIGZ

Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 14:37:11

To: <launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/RS7000/post?postID=ji-gVvrJHNqNw4uyVVCj1MnlEn9jm1RlAUWpVXBYQm_azVfpWjbUpi_VrO7r_-HOwcaskZrAIwo>

Subject: RS7000 in 2008

I have been hoping that Yamaha will come out with a follow-up to my much loved

RS7000? I have been a Yamaha supporter for years with quality trumpets, Basses

and drum sets. The RS7000 is the best and we want to keep beating up the MPC's

and Roland types.

If not will the OS programming

> code ever be made available to the public, or a 3rd party, for it? We love it

and want to move our music ahead with Yamaha.

If it is interest in your fabulous product. Please visit our RS7000 Yahoo page

or look at RS7000.ORG

Thanks and please add me to any Yamaha email lists so I can stay informed.