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Typhique - Zzzz Zzz zZnurk Daar gaan we weer


Once upon a time... there was a new-years party and people tried to wake me up... This is what triggereed an outburst of anger that started the end of the world... According to Mayan profficies...

No just a collage of Basses, Drums, sounds and noises I made last year and finished just now...

Well it's never finished. Otherwise I would be livin' in Finland, and i'm not... That i'm aware of.





justsonah [nl] - 12 years ago

eeehhh let's see...

there are these background sounds that go 'whoo whooooooooohw' in the mid range, you can hear them clean @ 00:08/00:10 . and I do not like them.. there false with the rest.
this is thruout the song.
daar gaan we weer (what dus it mean?)

MarinuZz [nl] - 12 years ago

Today I have read an article about a new hype here in the Netherlands and I am still a bit shocked. It's was about the a new wodka shoot method. That I ain't gonna try. However it's tempting though.

I would get the arpeggio synth more in front. Make it a bit fatter qua sound. On the voice I hear some sssssshhhhh that a bit disturbing.. A de-esser would be the trick. But this is what I hear on my system. So maybe this will help you a bit further..

Typhique [nl] - 12 years ago

Oi you b'ches... It izn't in the ICZ-section for nothin'!!! ;)

Can I get some feedback please! I know y'all have some opinion 'bout this!!!


justsonah [nl] - 12 years ago

very funky ;)


Typhique [nl] - 12 years ago

It means.... Moeilijk heh een naam verzinnen voordat je bent begonnen met je nummer! ;)

JimTaeger [nl] - 12 years ago

Haha sick! Fast + slow sequences = instant freaky sounding track

Anonymous [nl] - 12 years ago

vette shit brullie

Anonymous [nl] - 11 years ago

yes you fag!