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ScornAlienTV - Dreamjuice '98


One of my first 'house-tracks',

as soon as i had a PC (and could record pieces of sound and edit them) i started making music in 'Goldwave', a simple wave editor, without sequencer or 'BPM-system..' I just used a normal timeline to make 120BPM tracks (2 kicks a second ;-) with stretched samples and pitched tracks up (resampled) afterwards...
Since there wasn't any 'Flanger' or 'Phaser' in the program, i figured those out by copying a sample to clipboard, downsampling the original by a fraction, mixing the clipboard into it and voila, a flanger effect... Then reverse the sample and do the same trick then reverse it back to make it go up...
I took samples only for hits or tones, not for melodies or beats... Later on I got my hands on a trial of Cool Edit Pro, which had many more options but still no sequencer / drumcomputer in there...

For this track I took samples from some house tracks (kick, hat, clicks) and in the break you can a hear a beer being poured into a glass. (Dreamjuice)




meiondm [nl] - 14 years ago

Hah, cool! I used to do things exactly the same way in 1996. Always thought i was the only one. Tracks took long to make but were played at school evenings etc. Good ol' memories heheh.

Nice track considering the tools and extra props for creative use of minimal equipment