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MarinuZz - Marije sampleskirt installation musicpiece (excerpt)


This is a part of an art installation musicpiece with 15 minutes of sound material that is originaly sampled from the skirt. The sounds are resynthesized and manipulated using several digital studio technics including convolution, granularsynthesis and harmonization. I didn't want to make a normaal track with a beat. The structure of the piece are several moods reffered to mashup and darknes. The first part in this piece I wanted to make a part that is realy chaotic and jet still structered so that the people would think what the fuck?!





MarinuZz [nl] - 13 years ago

Thnx for the comment!


Typhique [nl] - 13 years ago

Ahaaaa! That explains a lot! Cheers

MarinuZz [nl] - 13 years ago

Haha okey. I used a zoom h2 and tried several contact microphones to record the basic samples from the skirt. My photo gallery contains two pictures of the dress made by Marije.

She made the skirt so that it contains zippers, velcro, a bunch of knops and different textures of textile. So I let her record opening the zippers, velcro and knops. The contact microphones (piezo elements) where attached to the textile and record her walking in the skirt.

With that material I first made to other piece for her judgement assigment for Rietveld amsterdam. Then she wanted made an installation of the try out and the short piece. So I thought why not experiment a little more with the samples to make a longer piece out of it. I didn't had a lot of time. But I think it has worked out fine. Only the installation itself was a little poor of the small speakers and placement of them due to the spatiallity of the sounds. But I had a lot fun created those sounds.

Typhique [nl] - 13 years ago

Sampled from the skirt...??? Uhhhh...
I don't really understand. Sounds wicked though!