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lhcm - Math is Music


This song represents my current view on breaks. The title is an obvious wink - and nothing more than that - to a Boards of Canada track. Melody and sounds are somewhat laidback, dreamy/spacey at first. Eventually it builds up to a more uplifting style.

Update 12-07-2009: Updated this version with (I hope) many improvements from suggestions I received. You can still find the ICZ version [url=http://www.electrobel.nl/muzik/1464/Math_is_Music]::here::[/url].

This track is released under the [url=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/]CC BY-NC-SA license[/url], so if you want to stir it up with a twist, be my guest... ;) You can download additional song information and midi file from [url=http://scoop.cybox.nl/music/Math%20is%20Music.zip]::here::[/url] (also updated to latest version). Samples will be made available on request (pm). All used instruments are freeware.

Comments and criticism are still welcome... :)





lhcm [nl] - 13 years ago

Cool, those are all valid points which indeed need work. Not really a clue yet as to how to add/alter the notes in the beginning of the lead, without breaking the atmosphere. The phaser on the drums should be varied and so do the drums themselves.

The lead beep indeed is a VSTi and does have keyb/env in the filter section. There are already warm distortion and phaser inserts on it so it might be a good idea indeed to automate some parameters. But I've kept away from them until now because I was afraid of making a mess of it.

Thumbs up for the informative comment!

eatme [nl] - 13 years ago

Very nice track. Was waiting for extra notes with the lead, and they are in later, maybe they would also do nice earlier. I sense the drums are too repetitive or unchanged over time with the phaser / flanger constantly going on, takes it away from the groove. The lead can be more progressing over time, the beep, if it comes from a VSTi I recommend altering some parameters in enveloppes over time, otherwise maybe add automated filter, reverb, chorus and maybe filtered distortion. Properly made tune, thumbs up!

lhcm [nl] - 13 years ago

Thanks! Glad you like it. And who knows what the future holds... ;)

eatme [nl] - 13 years ago

Beautiful piece of music. Love the deep bass kicks and the leads. You've created an amazing piece lhcm... I really want to hear more from you like this in the future.